To get started with integrating the widget player into your website, you first need to install the Embedded SDK plugin from your channel's admin panel. Once plugin is installed, in the admin panel you will see the API key which is required in order to successfully embed FluxPanda widget player.

Once you have the API key, the next step is including widget player's JS script into your website and initializing it. This is usually done by adding the following code snippet in the <head> section of your website:

<script src=""></script>
    function initFluxPlayer() {  
            apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE",
            channelId: "YOUR_CHANNEL_ID_HERE",
            onCheckout: function (data) {            
                // This function is called whenever user clicks 
                // the "Checkout" button inside the player
        }).then((initialized) => {
            // Widget player is now initialized
    setTimeout(initFluxPlayer, 1000);

The init function accepts an initialization config object. Two mandatory fields are apiKey and channelId. These fields uniquely identify your channel and are used to protect your channel from being embedded into the website which you might not control.

Because of this, you need to replace YOUR_API_KEY_HERE value with your API key which you can find in the Embedded SDK plugin from your channel's admin panel and you need to replace YOUR_CHANNEL_ID_HERE with an ID of your channel which you defined during the channel creation process and you can find it in the URL of your FluxPanda channel.

Once this is done, the widget player is embedded into your website. Depending on your specific use case, you need to execute the function in order to show the widget player.
For more information about how you can interact with the player, see the API reference section.